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Practice for Life Coaching & Health Promotion

I offer psychological counseling and systemic counseling to individuals who are facing difficult situations in life or a crisis like a severe loss of a dear person, challenges, relationship problems or conflicts. Additionally, people seek my advice who are looking for stress reduction

I also advise informal carers of dementia-sufferers. They are carrying a large physical and emotional burden, and are often at high risk of becoming ill themselves. Counselling may be a way to ease that pain and burden.

As a psychologist, as a systemic counselor, and especially as a human being, I am convinced that every person already has, within themselves, the right resources to solve their problems in life and to make useful changes. However, sometimes it is impossible to fall back on those skills at the right moment in time. My approach is to strengthen and consolidate competencies. New points of view and changes of perspective lead to new opportunities. Appreciation of past events, respectful handling of the crisis and confidence in success are important ingredients within that process.

Especially in the case of stressful experiences, it can help to work through these issues in your mother tongue. Therefore, and after having spent more than three years working and studying in the UK, I decided to open my practice as well to English speaking people in the area.

To get to know myself, my practice or if you would like to make an appointment, please feel invited to contact me via mail  or give me a call on 0170-3802904.